Sunday, July 30, 2017

New House Inspiration: Boy's Room

Many of you were very interested in seeing posts about what we're hoping to do with each room at the new house, and I am more than happy to share what we're hoping to do!

Today's preview is the future boy's room!!!! From what we've heard, this used to be two rooms. They apparently knocked down the wall between them and made it into one huge master bedroom. Right now, our plan is to keep it as one big room, but we like having the option to turn it into two down the road if we so choose. Once kids move out, though, we're going to turn it into the master bedroom and add in a master bath with laundry area! But that's getting way ahead of ourselves....

Here's what the room looks like now:

Now, they were hoping to have separate rooms. We were going to do the same color theme (dark blue and light gray) as Nate wanted Star Wars and Ryan wanted outer space. The rooms were originally going to look like these:

Nate - 3 gray walls, one dark blue accent wall

Ry - all gray walls, dark blue ceiling

So when they heard they'd be sharing a room (which they're excited about because it's such a big room!), combining the themes would be really easy as it's all space related. However, we had to reconfigure what the color scheme was going to look like. Originally they wanted the gray walls and dark blue ceiling, but when we calculated that the ceiling is over 300 square feet, this momma was not too keen on painting all of that. I did compromise that we can still put the glow in the dark stars up, even without a blue ceiling. They finally decided on the two long walls being gray and the smaller walls being the dark blue, and the insides of all three closets (yes, they have THREE CLOSETS in that room!) being dark blue as well.

Oh I'm so thankful I don't have to paint that ceiling!!!!

But back to the room:

The closets. They are each going to get one of the bigger closets. I'm hopeful that their dressers will fit in there, and then have space for their hanging clothes on the rod and their laundry baskets on the floor. But if that doesn't work, that's no big deal, there is plenty of room for dressers in the main room space.

There is a third smaller closet with shelves. Originally we were thinking about storing toys in it, but the shelves are a little on the deeper side, and things would just not stay clean and organized. It's also on the side of the room that Nate will have, and I can see that being an issue at some point with Ryan wanting to get something and Nate not wanting him on his side of the room. And not because Nate is mean and nasty, but just because they're siblings and like to argue and make each other's lives difficult sometimes ;)

I decided (and the boys agreed) that it would actually be a great place for all of their extra bedding, sleeping bags, and bags for when they go on sleepovers. It'd look something similar to this, just more masculine and kid-like:

Because the room is so big (it's like 23'x15' or something crazy like that), the boys will each get "a side" to have for their bed, bookcase, and desk. But there's a big middle space left for a joint play area. Originally I was going to have two of our bookcases from our living room go up there; they have glass doors on the top for displaying their legos and other knick knacks and the drawers hold the legos. Our train table was going to get repainted and then it would be a lego building table. Pete really wanted to bookcases to stay in the living room, so we all compromised and said that would be okay as long as the legos can continue being stored in them (which is what we have them for now).

So what was I going to use that big space for? 

The boys were really excited about the train table being in their room, so that will continue to be in there. The bins of Ryan's Imaginext toys as well as Nate's building blocks will live under the table, and then they have a place to build and play with them.

I really wanted something for the wall, and then, I stumbled across this:

Um, HELLO!!!!!

The boys have a lot of Nerf guns, and they just get tossed into a big plastic toy box, making it hard to find what they're looking for. This would be a great focal point of the room as well as a great way to keep their guns organized. We're going to paint the peg board the dark blue as it'll be on the gray wall.

We'd also like to get the boys (and Paige, too!) hanging chairs like these:

As for wall decorations, they both have a lot of Star Wars or outer space framed pieces already, but I'd like to make this (or a similar verse) up to frame and match their room:

We'll also be doing dark blue curtains as their room has two windows facing the east. They have FOUR windows in that room, so it's a lot of curtains we're going to have to buy!!! They are also really rough on curtain rods, so I found this and I think it's going to be a great option. I'll spray paint them a dark gray to continue the blue and gray theme:

I think that's most everything we'll be doing with their room! The carpet will be coming out before we move in; it's so much easier removing it before furniture is added in! And there is no way the boys would be able to handle having the carpet with their allergies, so it has to come out first. There is hardwood flooring underneath, and from what we've been able to tell, it's in really good condition :)

We're all really excited to see how it turns out. Let me know what you think!


  1. Looks awesome! Just yesterday I saw that Nerf gun thing and thought it would be great for our son! I guess it must be a guy thing. :o)