Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dinnertime Adventures

For the past 2 1/2 weeks, we've been cat sitting for our friends Stephen and Vanessa as they went to Japan for Christmas. Magnus and Lily are frequent visitors to our house, and we love having them here. Their owners just got home, so the cats left today.

As thank you/Christmas gifts, Stephen and Vanessa brought us back fun little things, like origami sets, calligraphy brushes and paper, and tea. We each also got our own set of chopsticks! The kids' ones have trainers on them, and they were so excited, we had to try them out for dinner tonight:

Silly kids with their chopsticks!
Ryan had a hard time; he ended up using a fork.

Paigey was a natural! She only used a spoon for the sauce
Nate went back and forth between chopsticks and a spoon

Pete trying chopsticks for the first time
I was the only one who had used chopsticks before, but it had been years so I was rusty. We did pretty well, considering we tried this new recipe, and the noodles were slippery (I had to substitute elbows for the rotini). It was a yummy and fun dinner!

Have you ever tried chopsticks?


  1. I'm going to miss using chopsticks all the time when we get back to the states. Try using them with a salad... they make it about a billion times easier in my opinion. I've never really had problems with them though.

    1. Oooh, I'll have to try them with a salad! Thanks for the tip :) Is your apartment feeling too big and quiet with almost everyone gone?

  2. I love the pictures and I love that you tried them already!!! :-)