Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas With My Family

For Christmas, my parents and I rotate years hosting, and this year was our year to host. Thankfully the weather sort of cooperated so they could make the hour and a half trip out! We celebrated on the 29th.

Before we started Christmas festivities, I had to give my dad his birthday gifts. His birthday is December 6th, and as I wasn't able to see him, we did gifts on Christmas. I made him two signs:

They say "The best Dads get promoted to Poppa" and "The only thing better than having you as my Dad is my children having you as their Poppa". He loves being Poppa!

We had some appetizers (Rye boat and a veggie tray), and then started opening gifts:

Paigey got a new bike from Yaya and Poppa!

New books for Yaya from us

My nephew, Z, helping me unwrap my gift

A new Toy Story puzzle from Yaya and Poppa for Ry!

Horse figurines she can paint? Jackpot!

Green Lantern LEGO figurine! Yay!

Diving into her new book as soon as she opens it!

I made my sister-in-law, Jen, hand warmers

Watching the Bandesco scene about to unfold!

I think Poppa likes his gift! We got him the Expendables movies

Z playing with the fire truck that goes with the car mat I made him

Jen opening the clip boards I made for her for her Arbonne business

Ahhh! It's the Hulk!!!!!!

Or is it Spider-Man? He loves his masks Aunt Jen made him!

New puddle boots from Aunt Jen and Uncle J! She loves them :)

Yay for Iron Man 2!!!

Nate got a desk from Yaya and Poppa!!!!
Everyone ended up with at least one home made gift from me; Jen got the clip boards and hand warmers, my mom got hand warmers, my dad got the lemon cookies he loves, and my brother (who was sick and couldn't come *snif snif*) got short bread cookies.

We had dinner (roasted chickens, roasted carrots, salad, stuffing, and cranberry sauce), and then the kids took naps/rests:

She hates taking off these boots for any reason!!!
Z didn't want to rest, so he stayed up and played. My parents gave me my birthday gifts while kids rested (River Song's journal and Season 5 of Doctor Who!!!).

After rest, we hung out or goofed off, depending on who you were:

Yeah, he's crazy...

Building the Green Lantern

My dad is the biggest kid of them all!!!!

It was a great low-key day. I don't get to see my family too often, so we really treasure the times we get with them. Hopefully we'll get to see them more, especially as I'm going to be an aunt again to what looks to be a niece in early June!

How did you spend Christmas with your family? Was it low key or do you have big gatherings?

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