Sunday, January 27, 2013

Random Highlights From Our Week

Here's a random recap of our week!

I've been suffering from a head cold the past couple weeks. I took a nap on our love seat, and woke up to this:

My kids put all their favorite things on me to help me feel better! I have a stuffed Nemo, Sonic the Hedgehog, Bob the tomato, Violet (a unicorn), and Francesco Bernoulli, as well as Nate's green silky blanket and a few books. I felt so loved :)

Once a month, Nate's kindergarten class has a family project based around the month's theme. For January, they were doing winter things, so each family had to design their own snowman picture using the snowman template. Here's ours:

We cut out our snowman template, and put it on a piece of cereal box wrapped in snowflake wrapping paper; we also cut out a pine tree and a snow covered ground out of construction paper. We painted the template with snow paint, then used coal from our coal stove for the eyes, smile, and buttons. The scarf is actual fabric, and the hat, hat decorations, nose, and arms are also construction paper. We have so much fun brainstorming as a family and doing these projects together!!!

On Wednesday I was supposed to have jury duty, but ended up getting excused. It worked out well, as Ryan woke up in the middle of his nap screaming due to a nightmare. I snuggled him, and he fell asleep on me for an hour and a half!!!

Nate's making me feel old....he has his first loose tooth! On Thursday and Friday, he was saying his front gums and teeth felt funny. I wasn't quite sure what was causing it, it only seemed to bother him while he ate. Saturday, he wakes me up saying his tooth is loose, and indeed it is! So I made him this:

It's a monster tooth pillow! His tooth will go in the mouth part, which is actually a pillow. It hangs from his bed, so it's easy access for the tooth fairy, and will hopefully keep the tooth from getting lost :)

I opened up my laptop today and discovered my desktop picture had been changed:

It says "APPRECIATE! Even the Daleks think you're swell! (Of course they are still going to exterminate you, but let's not focus on the details) Happy Valentine's Day!"

Pete had been on my computer earlier for some school work, and found a valentine for me. For those of you who don't know what a Dalek is, it's from Doctor Who :)

Other randomness:

  • Nate aced all his mid-year assessments for school!
  • Paigey shovelled the porch and front side walk for me after school on Thursday on her way in from the bus...without being asked!
  • I guest posted on I Choose Joy about cutting back your budget
  • Pete and I had a stay at home date night - we watched National Treasure 2, he made me stuffed mushrooms, and we had chips and dip, too :)
  • My easel broke, which is pretty upsetting for an artist (or maybe just me, I don't know). It was 10 years old, so it lived a good life. When I went to price out a new one, I found one that I'd been wanting for a few years on sale with free shipping!!! It'll hold big canvases (which my old one didn't do very well), yet still be small enough I can take it outside onto our deck to paint if I want. I can't wait until it arrives in a week!
  • My best friend's sister and her husband's new son arrived on Thursday! This is their third son, and super exciting time for them. Please pray for them that the adoption process continues to go smoothly!

What were the highlights of your week?

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  1. The toys are so sweet and the tooth pillow is adorable.