Monday, February 11, 2013

Another Daddyless Weekend

What a weekend.

Technically it was a three-day weekend for the kids as they had a snow day Friday. I apologize for the lack of Financial Friday posting that I promised on Facebook; I was playing referee all day to three super cranky kids and barely had time to sit, let alone blog.

The highlights of the day:

- We made holders for valentines. I didn't take pictures of the during or after process, but it was based on this craft here.

- We had a surprise visitor!!!! Our friend Preston (best man at our wedding, Ryan's named after him) lives out of town, but he was going on our church's retreat this weekend as the worship leader. He came in a day early to avoid the snow storm, and when he saw the kids had a day off, he had to stop by to see his niece and nephews!

Nate attacking Uncle Preston!

Pete also went on the church's retreat this weekend. He left late afternoon/early evening Friday and was home yesterday mid-afternoon. It was weird not having him home but having the kids here; it really didn't feel like a weekend

When we weren't fighting/throwing tantrums/sitting in time out, we had some fun:

- We made mini deep dish pizzas for lunch. This is one of our favorites, and the kids love being able to choose their own toppings:

Ryan's pizza: Olives, pepperoni, cheese, no sauce

Nate's pizza: Extra sauce, cheese, olives, pepperoni.
Paigey's pizza: Sauce, olives, pepperoni, onions, extra cheese  

- We had popcorn and hot chocolate as we watched 'Mary Poppins'. After the popcorn was gone, we snuggled <3

- The cat gave me a heart attack: I was making my bed when out of the corner of my eye I saw someone watching me...

Excuse the mess...Hi Moe!

 - We watched deer in the cornfield behind our house

- We were blessed with a beautiful Sunday morning:

- We had a Spaghetti pie faced Darth Vader who was so happy to have his daddy home:

- And to top it all off, Nate lost his first tooth! He was soooo excited. Not only did he get to use his monster tooth bag I made him, but the Tooth Fairy was coming to visit him, not his sister!

I can't complain too much about the weekend. I mean, the kids fought a lot, I was exhausted and barely had time to relax, but we had some fun, too. Pete enjoyed the retreat, and even though he came home exhausted, he was refreshed. That helped the rest of us take a chill pill and relax, too!

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. This weekend I was able to go to both of my small groups :) and while I was helping out at church an awesome older couple told me about an orchid festival going on. I was able to go to it today as well as finding the CUTEST little British tea cafe. I also got some things done that I have needed to get done and took pictures for some friends. The less than awesome part of the weekend was dropping my hubby off for training.