Tuesday, February 12, 2013

As if I Wasn't Emotional Enough Already...

Paigey's birthday is in 5 days.

Today's post was supposed to be about me and my crazy emotions dealing with it, but maybe I'll get it up tomorrow instead.

However, my emotions took another hit today when I was talking to Paigey about her rough day at school. There is a bully in her class, and today was especially rough for everyone in the class. She was going on and on about how rough it was, and when I asked her what part was the hardest for her, I was blown away by her response:

Mom, I don't think he knows who God is, and that makes me sad.

Totally not what I was expecting!

She was thinking about seeing if one of her extra Bibles is in good enough shape to give to him, and I told her I thought that might be a good idea. I know the kid and his parents personally, and I know that all 3 of them would be okay with it; the kid has asked me questions before and even joined a session of our family Bible study once.

Before we had to finish our talk and go eat dinner, I asked her if she had asked Jesus into her heart yet. I know she hadn't been ready before, and the last thing I want to do is push her into a decision she doesn't want to make. She has been changing her attitude and maturing more, and asking some really good questions about the Bible and who God is.

Her response?

I did it last night, Mom!

We had to cut our family Bible study short due to crazy children, so if they wanted to take a book to bed, they had to take a Bible or a devotional to look at. Paigey took her Bible, notebook, colored pencils, and memory verses from Sunday school to bed, read for awhile, and made her decision to accept Jesus.

I bawled like a baby.

It's no secret that Paige is our most challenging child. She is very strong willed, and my biggest fear is that we were going to lose her, that she would rebel and we would never see her again once she hit her teen years. I've been praying for this girl for years now, for her to change her attitude and maybe even become a Christian, if that's what she chose. With how she has changed lately, I truly believe this is as genuine as it can be for a girl 5 days shy of turning 8 years old. And I am truly shocked and excited and feeling so blessed.

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  1. For a girl who turns 8 years old today, Shawna, it sounds to me like she has a lot on her shoulders and her Mommy might be putting a lot of stress/strain on herself. Remember, God is always with her. Children have genuine steps in their lives.

    Lindsay had a bully girl in school who would even throw Lin against her locker. She was 10X's the size of Lin but Lindsay kept saying she would handle her. I wanted to go to school and complain to the principal but Lin wouldn't let me, then one day the bullying just stopped.
    Perhaps the bully in Paige's class will stop also, particularly when handed a Bible. Please keep us posted. Love and God bless, Aunt Sharon