Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Continuing a Tradition?

During the college winter break before Paigey was born, my dad was laid off of work. Growing up he and I never had the best relationship, but during our time off of school and work, it was just the two of us home. We were finally able to establish a wonderful relationship that is still going strong today.

Frequently we would have 'lunch dates'. I don't think we intended it to be dates, but Dad would make grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for us, and we'd sit at the table talking or in comfortable silence together. I can't have grilled cheese and tomato soup without getting a smile on my face and missing my Dad!

I was reminded of those lunches today when Ryan and I were having soup. We were having french onion soup, mine with cheese, Ry's with crackers. We were talking about whatever my little boy desired, from the birds eating from the feeders on our deck to him getting impatient for his brother to get home from school.

I had such a warm fuzzy feeling, and then Ry killed it:

Ry: "Mommy wanna cwacker?"
Me: "No thanks, buddy, you enjoy your crackers."
Ry: "...*sigh*...no me shawe-ing. You get you's own cwackers!!!!"

Warm fuzzy feeling gone...and even though I didn't want crackers, I think my Dad would share with me! (Right, Daddy?)

Do you have any silly kid stories? If so, please share!!! It doesn't even have to be from your own kids!

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  1. Hahaha, that's funny. Kids crack me up. My nephews have a way of cracking me up too. Like Noah... at one point he asked his mommy when I was going to be a princess (a.k.a. a bride). I don't remember what my sister told him, but probably something to the effect of when I find the right person. His response was that I should go to Disney because they have lots of princes, lol. So sweet! Then Jayden, while we were riding a bus the one time, was sitting with me while his mommy, daddy and Noah were sitting in the seats behind us. Noah was being silly, making roaring sounds, and Jayden tries to get up. I, of course, stop him and tell him he needs to stay in his seat because the bus was moving. He tells me, in the most serious voice I've ever heard a 3 year old use, "Nicky, there is no time. I have to save my mommy." Haha. I don't even know how to keep a straight face when the kids say stuff like this... they amaze me.