Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paige's Birthday: Morning

Because this was such a big and busy birthday for my girl, I split the day up into two posts: Morning and Afternoon/Evening. Even though each post will still be long and overflowing with pictures, they'll be shorter this way :)

For Paige's Sunday school class, I made her a Rice Krispie treat bouquet:

Once we got home from church, she got to open a present while her Daddy made her her favorite breakfast, a dutch baby (oven pancake):

It's a big stack of books for her!

For rest time, she got a special treat of resting in Mommy and Daddy's bed! The real reason for this was so Pete and I could bring the dresser/wardrobe unit up from the basement and arrange her room and not haver her wonder what we were doing. I had done most of the rearranging of her room on Friday, which included removing a piece of furniture and reinstalling her floating shelf, so bringing the dresser up was easy:

Her new room arrangement

The clothing rod installed

Small containers for little items in the top drawer

Detail of the lace on the drawer fronts

Once we let her up from her rest, she got to open up Felicity. I was a super mean mom and wrapped it up in a blanket in a comforter bag. I didn't want her to guess she was getting an American Girl doll, so I put it in a bigger squishy package to keep her guessing. She thought it was more bedding or curtains, but she was very surprised to see what was really in there!

I don't think she likes Felicity, do you?

Happy girl!

I told her to go to her room after opening Felicity to show the doll her room, and she was super surprised to see the wardrobe unit for Felicity:

"It's got blue, Mom!!!!"

In the bottom drawer was another small gift:

Felicity's accessories: hat,
necklace, purse, money, and handkerchief

Then Paigey talked to Yaya and Poppa (my parents) on the phone, and then waited for her best friend Emma to come over to spend the afternoon and night with us:

Paige and Felicity reading about Felicity

More tomorrow on how we finished celebrating the day!


  1. Brings tears to my eyes...in a good way! :)

  2. Awesome! Felicity wasn't the one I had thought she was.
    You guys also did a really great job getting her to really, really want Felicity. :o)

  3. Wonderful! Brought back memories of when Lindsay got her American doll, too. Can't wait to continue on. Absolutely breathtaking. Any girl would love what you did to that dresser, and Shawna, I am so impressed with the rice krispie treat bouquet. Love, and God bless, Aunt Sharon