Friday, July 28, 2017

Secret Keeping: A House Hunting Update


We found a house.

And we've been under contract for about two weeks.

There were some things we had to get through before I could share the news, and we've crossed all of those hurdles, so now we can share! Yay!

So what house did we choose? Was it House #5, Yellow? Or House #6, Ranch?????

Before I tell you, here's the backstory:

We saw both of these houses on a Monday. I had a feeling that one of them was "The One" that day.

Pete....not so much.

He was willing to take a second look at it, which we did on that Friday. After the second showing, I was ready to put in an offer.

Pete....not so much.

So we prayed and talked and did pros and cons and prayed and talked some more. For five days.

And then, I don't know what happened, but Pete woke up one day and decided to put in an offer! After a couple days of negotiating, we came to an agreement and signed contracts. The house passed inspection, and here we are, waiting for our house to sell so we can move in and make it ours! Woo hooooo!!!!!

Yeah, I love my new house. Like A LOT.

So here she is, the new Apps Abode:

Yes, to the surprise of many we chose The Yellow House! Before announcing we found a house on Facebook, only ONE person guessed that we chose this one! Everyone else guessed the Ranch. But, after we told Facebook we found a house, the overwhelming response was that we had chosen Yellow!

We have a lot of paint to buy, carpet, paneling and drop ceiling to rip out, rooms to update or move around, as well as "fun" projects, like siding and a porch to add on. You know, just a short little list of improvements ;) She is a fixer upper, but we are so anxious to get started!

So thank you for being on this journey with us! Our house is on the market, and we're waiting for the perfect person or family to come buy her so we can move along with Yellow. I won't be able to share much more for awhile due to confidentiality requests, but I'll be doing some posts of what we'd like to do with the house if there's any interest!

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