Friday, August 4, 2017

Nate's Tenth Birthday Adventures

Yesterday was our biggest little man's tenth birthday!

He woke up really slow, which was nice because I got snuggles! 10 year old boys still snuggle their mamas!!!!!

We had to have our propane shut of for a possible leak, but when someone wants blueberry pancakes for his birthday breakfast, you do whatever it takes to make them. Even if it means grilling them!!!! Our propane guy thought it was the best thing ever.

We had a fairly lazy day. The guys played a board game, and we watched Captain America: Civil War. Dinner was Five Guys! The kids had never been, and they loved it. They're anxious to go back and think they have the best burgers.

Pete's parents were able to join us for dinner, and they presented Nate with a new bookcase for his room at the new house. Well, it was just a picture; the bookcase is really heavy, so once we move he can get the real thing :)

Dessert was homemade brownies and then it was gift time! Ryan did some jobs around the house so he could get Nate a gift. He got him the Hubba Bubba bubble gum tape. Nate had never seen it before, but thinks it's amazing! Ryan was so proud and excited to give it to him!

We also got him a desk lamp for his new room...

...and an electronics kit!

I don't think he likes it, though.

And now it's prep time for more birthday fun at his family birthday party this weekend! Weather, please cooperate so we can swim at the party!

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