Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Battle of the Salad

Have you ever heard of the Battle of the Salad? No? Well here's the history:

It started sometime in 2006. We gave our one year old daughter a salad. She took a bite. Then spit it out.

From then on, every salad presented to Miss Paigey was fought about with tears and screams that horror film directors wish they could reproduce. It didn't matter what we did, as long as there was lettuce, she wasn't touching it with a 10 foot pole. We tried Ariel Salad (lettuce with goldfish crackers), a little bit of lettuce with lots of toppings, different dressings...nothing worked.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but not really. Salads = death in Paige's little world.

The battle started coming to a close in the end of 2012; we finally found a way for her to eat salad with minimal fuss. By minimal, I mean only a small grumble for each mouse sized bite.

That all changed today. The Battle is OVER!!!!!

What changed?


My friend Rochelle suggested we try our new chopsticks with salad, that it makes eating salad a lot easier. I told Paige, and she asked to use them with our salad tonight.

Not only did she have a little salad, but she had a whole PLATEFUL of salad. With no fuss whatsoever. And a smile on her face. And she even said these words to us:

"Wow....I really love salad!!!"

So a huge thank you to Vanessa and Stephen again for our chopsticks, and to Rochelle for that awesome advice. This tired Mommy is glad we have one battle over!


  1. Our battle is stew. Any ideas?

  2. Woah!!!! I only just saw this!!!! I'm so glad that helped with the salad battle! I suggested it simply because I find it easier to eat salad with chopsticks! :) This is awesome! :)